WLE Greater Mekong Writeshop
October 13-17, 2014


WLE has invited 14 successful Expressions of Interest to develop a full proposal for the WLE Greater Mekong Focal Region Program. This writeshop is being organized to provide participants with an opportunity to develop their proposals in collaboration with the other projects and ensure proposals are leading to the identified outcomes of the WLE Greater Mekong Program.


  • Significant progress on proposals, workbooks
  • Jointly develop impact pathways
  • Common understanding of WLE and its goals
  • Develop relationships across teams and cross project engagement
  • Understand how projects fit into global and regional impact pathways
  • Understand the support provided by the Focal Region team and program team, understand coordination mechanisms, reporting mechanisms, roles and responsibilities, processes


  • Project impact pathways
  • Revised regional impact pathway
  • Draft proposals
  • Clear process for finalizing proposals
  • Understanding of other projects, inter-connections and potential areas of collaboration
  • Understanding of opportunities that WLE provides at program and regional levels

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Highlights and notes from Day 1

Highlights and notes from Day 2 (including butcher paper pictures)

Highlights and notes from Day 3

Highlights and notes from Day 4


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